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elsintroBUTTONyo guys, hope everything is going good. first off i want to thank everyone that came out to the premiere, it was so fun. i was surprised that so many people came out. i also want to thank josh and dieter at the sheep for helping with everything. there is going to be another premiere this friday the 15th at Gaston Skate shop. the address is on the intro to the site. im getting a lot of e-mails saying “are you going to quit the website and filming because you’re done with the video of best android tv box?” NO. There will be an Eyes like Static 2 way on down the road. but I will still keep the website updated with all the content you guys and gals love. we also have other projects in the mix, such as a rumored Saturday Skateboards video. also we have a new addition to the site..a photos page. click on the button on the intro page to view them. aight send me some e-mails, everyone stay in touch. thanks again for everything.  
9.7.06 almost here
Yo, ive been working hard this week on finishing up the video. it will be done. we are having a fun time getting a projector. i had no idea they were so expensive. but no worries, everyone come out to Blacksheep skate shop friday night for the premiere. it should start around 8:00. ill have 30 copies of the dvd for sale with a eyes like static poster, so get there quick and pick yours up. thanks to everyone that helped out during the making of this video, and the whole charlotte/ELS crew. oh yeah, and everyone wish Justin Pittman a happy 18th birthday.  
8.17.06 NEW TWEAK!
yo, the new tweak of the week goes to Diego with a dope 360 flip. look at them legs. filmed by Josh Payne, you may have to refresh the site if it doesn’t show up. the intro to the video should be posted pretty soon. aight im out.

EDIT: the intro to the video is posted in the content section


8.16.06 updating
teaserIMPORTANT NEWShey guys and gals, aight this is the update you need to read. the first eyes like static video premiere will be at black sheep skate shop on September 8th. its a friday so everyone make sure to come out and support your local slashin scene! we we’re going to do it on the first friday of september for the gallery crawl but due to the cops ruining everything during crawls due to too many people showing up we pushed it back a friday, i hope everyone gets to come out and have a good time and enjoy the video. Justin’s 18th birthday is the 7th so this will be a video premiere slash birthday bash for little P. aight get ready cause its coming! on a different note there is a skate / music fest at blue ramps this saturday, heres the flyer.this weekend diego, brandon, justin, hunter, jake and I headed to ATL. it was really fun considering we all went down there with only enough money for gas and a hotel. speaking of the hotel. it was the most sketch thing ever. it was like 38 dollars for a single room which is really cheap, most of the windows in the place were busted out and the halls were filled 59 50’s and trapsters. anyways im going to finish up the video. later


8.8.06 teaser

click for the shortest teaser ever. the video should be done on time. that makes us all happy.


whats up guys and gals. you have to peep the new tweak of the week, Peter Caple can rip any transition spot you take him too. its amazing the amount of style that guy has on a board. in other news, James Dullin is now a grown man. he turned 18 today, happy birthday james-e-poo. the video is coming along pretty good, chad shooter dropped me some footage of Brock, Jed Shooter, Drew Hanner, and all those other Contrast heads. TKP from has a new video about to drop. make sure you get down to P-58 to scope it out. im in the middle of building a robot suit for special purposes. i gotta go.  
7.17.06 back from VA
yo, we’re back from VA beach. it was a really fun time, the spots down there were really refreshing to the everyday norm here. thanks to peter and kyle for letting us crash at their pad. the Saturday Demo at wake forest was so good. everyone ripped and had the kids going crazy. ok the blacksheep clip is now up and running, i gotta go, i have tapes to capture.  
7.14.06 TWE
whats happenin, make sure you go check out the new clip fellow filmer jesse has up on his site. heres the link TWE Productions. its like 6:00 in the morning im finishing up a project for work and then im off to wake forest with the Saturday team to film their demo. then we’re off on a filming mission to finish up the video. oh yeah, ill get the blacksheep clip up and running as soon as i get back. take it easy.  
7.7.06 hosting
i need some help hosting some of my bigger clips. if anyone wants to help then let me know, id appreciate it. the new clip is back up. i dont know for how long though. aight im off to c-town. come to the art show tonight. later  
7.7.06 update #2
wooo, new BLKSHP clip up is up! check it out. then go there and LURK.  
7.6.06 SORRY!
ELS_04WHOA NOW! im back. sorry for the down time. Ive been busy filming, jumping off cliffs, and holding it down. hmmm, whats been going on that i can tell you guys…well, their was a Saturday skateboards demo-ish kind of thing at the Food Lion skatepark in Ashville NC. it was pretty cool. after that, Eric took us around Ashville to some local spots. Broseph got a line, Oj got a bolt to the elbow, and pittman got a few tricks here and there. thanks again to Dave @ Saturday. this is probly old news for everyone, but the famous across and upledge known as Dixies ledge is now knobed. kids get your dads zaw-saws and lets take action. hope everyone is ready for the Lakia : “just for kicks” art show at blacksheep tomorrow night, its gonna be a blast. I have a new montage on the way (NEW TWEAK OF THE WEEK), it should be up tonight, or by the time you read this. expect a couple more clips next week too. i plan on making a national skateboarding day clip…speaking of that day, it was a really good turn out. we seshed the duke power 9 and all of a sudden about 25 to 30 kids just roll up out of no where. it was probly the most fun ive had downtown in a long time. richie came out and shot some photos too.IMPORTANT NEWS

ok, for the video. i know everyone is thinking “it’s like july 6th, whats up with the video?”. ill tell you whats up. woodie, and justin both had some ankle problems and were out for a while, so they couldn’t get what they wanted to get. and the fact that i didn’t realize what it took to make a video “Motivation” wise, i had to check myself and start this thing earlier than i was going to. so i pushed realease date to LATE AUGUST 2006. so there, question answered. ok back to work, send me an e-mail or two. later bros.


6.16.06 just checking in.
yo, whats going on? Just checking in. the contest at the YMCA was ill. a lot of heads came out and ripped. I would have filmed it but Brandon and I entered at the last minute for kicks. thanks to all the sponsors and all that. shout out to Blondie skateboards. Ive been working on the video and trying to skate and get all the hammers filmed, its grind time.I finally got the footy edited of the saturday in Charleston S.C. heres the link Click Here. it doesn’t work in the content area yet, so until i figure out why you’ll just have to click the link in the news. aight, take it easy everyone.  
5.31.06 Contest this saturday
this saturday at the South Rowan YMCA is the skate fest 2006, be sure to make it out. kicks off at 10:00 A.M. over 2,000 dollars in prizes and a sweet product toss d00dz! haha, check out for more info.  
5.29.06 Contrast
wooo. the contrast video was really good. those who didn’t make it to Blacksheep for the premiere missed out. after the premiere steve laclair from, jed shooter, drew hanner, stephen waters, and some other heads all went out with us for a late night sesh. it was a good time.  
5.21.06 Charleston.
yo yo. we just got back from a road trip to charleston for the Saturday demo at this new park down there. it was dope, there was a lot of heads down there, and the park was super nice. the demo went good, i should have a demo clip up pretty soon. thanks to all the guys down at the park that made us feel welcomed, and thanks to dave at saturday for hooking it up.  
5.16.06 new clip
Hi. I changed the layout again because no one liked the other one. i think this one fits better though. woodie designed it, thanks woodie. You might need to refresh every page you look at, every page is re-done. make sure to peep the new “ABOUT” section. Also check the content area for the new clip. Everyone be sure to check out for the scoop on the South YMCA contest and game of SKATE. it should be loads of fun! YEAH!attention: if you’re not running a Macintosh then the site is not going to be working correctly, until i fix all the problems all the PC users are having. thanks. heres the link to the new clip if you can’t view it. 
5.8.06 new
YEAH. Woodie came over and helped me redo the site. i hope everyone likes the new look. i want to get some new clips up too. so keep on the look out for those. the black sheep and AA party at tremont was so crunk, everyone was having a good time. anyways im going to get to work on some clips. peace  
5.1.06 sauce
hey, ok ok, this weekend was pretty nuts. all of our cars got towed. so everyone that skates downtown don’t park at woodie’s. on our 3 mile skate to get the cars back we found a new spot and seshed it for like 2 hours. then got the cars and headed to this ledge spot diego knows about. it is dope. once again the video will be out by the end of july if everything goes smooth. thanks for all the support.ATTENTION FILMERSanyone interested in a sony vx2100? mint condition. oh and if you want to contribute footage for montages then hit me up. just shoot me an e-mail. thanks


4.23.06 hey
whats up. so its coming down to crunch time for filming for the video. i still need to get up with woodie to film a couple more tricks, Oj got on Saturday skateboards along with justin. we skated with chad shooter today around charlotte. it was a good chill sesh, only one run in with the cops. expect a new layout for the website soon. aight i have some tapes to capture, see yall around town. oh yeah check out jesse’s new site 
4.20.06 checkin in
yo, we’ve all been out on filming missions lately, theres about a month and a half before the deadline to stop filming. im going to edit the video in july and it may be done with copies made by the end of july. thats if there are no problems. heres some info on some of the els soldiers, Oj sent his bangin sponsor tape to hubba wheels and duffs, brandon holds down the set like a champ and still bangs tricks out. and justin got on saturday skateboards. more info to come. peace  
4.13.06 90%
YES! finally i got some new clips up. they’re located in the content bar. the days later clip is a short montage i put together of a lot of people in our crew, and the HESH clip is evidence of this insane guy that came to our skate park the other day. he was straight out of the eighties, his name was harold or something. on another note, footage is coming in good, so the july deadline for the video is still on._______IMPORTANTi still have tons of stickers left, ill leave some more up at BlackSheep skateshop. you’ll notice in the two new clips that they are “choppy” and seem to be lower quality than the others. this is because i still haven’t got my compression program back up and going, so im compressing my video files with something im not use to. once i get back to my old program i will re-compress the two files so everyone can see them better. anyways shoot me e-mails if you enjoyed the clips. i always appreciate them. thanks.


4.9.06 just about there.
aight, im still going through footage and working on the new clip. i hope i can get it up by tomarrow. my compression program i had, got deleted when my computer was re-formatted so thats what is binding me from updating with footage. ill get it up and going again soon. i promise. peace  
4.1.06 bout time.
YEAH! im stoaked. i finally got my computer back up and running, so expect a couple new clips. i’ve been working on capturing 5 tapes from this weekend in chapel hill. the whathadhappenwas premiere was really good. props to brett on the editing. everyone should deff. grab up a copy of their video. connor’s part was gangster, and bob had a rock solid part, i could go on. there was about 15 or 20 heads at the durham courthouse sunday, it was fun. aight, there should be stickers up at blacksheep by this friday if anyone wants any. ok i have mad work to do. footy coming soon…  
3.30.06 yikes!
WHOA! i apoligize for not keeping up with the site for a couple of weeks. the computer i update with is infected with nasty viruses, and i had to reformat it. it should be out of the shop by tomarrow. so hopefully i will have everything back in order and more footy flowing on the site. i have 3 tapes to go through and capture. im stoaked on the whathadhappenwaz premiere this saturday at P-58. everyone make sure to go check that out. on another note…i do know that a couple of clips in the content frame aren’t working. im working on getting them up. and last thing, the stickers should be here any day!peep the sticker design, send me some e-mails if you guys want a couple. 
3.17.06 footy
yo, the ATL trip is on hold until next weekend. the stickers should be here within a week or so. and heres the link for some new footy from the box spot. skaters: travis kirkpatrick, justin pittman, oj farrar. 


3.15.06 news
There was a crazy session at the park road gap friday night. everyone was out there, almost like 15 or 20 heads skating, filming or just chillin. the lights and genny were out and running, 2 hours, 2 batteries, 1 photo flood bulb, and a couple hammers later everyone headed home. more to come, stay in touch.  
3.8.06 news
yo yo. I think we’re heading out to ATL again next weekend, should be dope. I haven’t had sleep in 2 days. i think ill go now. Rumour on the street is that Johnny Woodie has remixed “im in love with a stripper”, titled “im in love with a robot.” stay tuned maybe it will show up on here somewhere. oh yeah sleep. goodnight.  
3.5.06 wooo.
hey, hope everyone is doing good. this weekend was fun. Saturday Brandon, Travis, Oj, and I headed to Salisbury to skate some new spots, then we headed to the YMCA skatepark. it was a good time, a lot of people were out, we met up with Chad, william, josh hiatt, and Johnny woodie. Johnny snapped some good photos also.and for those who didn’t know…Im doing this for me and every body around here, for the skate scene in Charlotte and the surrounding areas that don’t ever get any attention, I want to make something everyone around here will be proud of.


3.2.06 SWEET
Dope, i finally got everything worked out and now I know what to do when it happens again, so no more slow downs. alright We got a new clip up in the content area and a new TWEAK OF THE WEEK! hope everyone enjoys the new clips. send me e-mails and tell me what you liked. take it easy