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the saturday skateboard team’s talent, energy, and commitment to skateboarding drive this company. they are an international team made up of premier skateboarders with decades of experience. they have graced the pages of all the major skateboarding magazines and have been featured in several videos.

the few pictures below cannot begin to illustrate the true skill behind each skater, but new photos will be continually posted. until then, check out some of our team skater’s photos at wanna see some video footage? click live tv apk. (12 MB .mov file)

send us some info about your scene. we’re curious what you like to skate.

bios and photos coming soon of new skaters dusty yauilla and joey o’neal.

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Steve Neal is one of the most innately gifted skateboarders I have ever witnessed. I think most people who have seen him skate would say the same thing. His style is fast, surgical, and nimble. Steve doesn’t just do a backside five-o, he does it all the way across the ramp at full speed to fakie. But it’s not only the tricks, it’s just his auto-pilot effortless style. No matter where we go, Steve finds a way to skate everything there and find perfect lines.


Mark Brooks is someone who loves to ride boards. If it’s a board, and you stand on it sideways, you will see Mark riding on one. He’s a powerful surfer, rides a snowboard with amazing fluidity, and the trilogy is complete with skateboarding. Mark does some tricks switch with more style than most can skating regular. He studies what he does. He concentrates on pushing himself, and breaking away from regular lines. Saturday Skateboards will thrive off his energy and grow from his knowledge.


You could say that Ben Smith is a living legend. There are hundreds of stories, both about skating and not about skating, that relate to his loco life. Ben goes off on a skateboard. He is not scared. Ben will go at something at so much speed, and with so much intensity, it’s scary. He can take a monster slam and shake it off like it was nada. I first saw Ben skate in the late 80’s and he continues to get better every year.


Image result for skateboardJosh Frazier has style for days. A man of few words, he lets his skating speak for itself. Just when you think you’ve seen all of Josh’s tricks, he’ll pull out something that you never expected. His smooth, casual style makes everything he does on a skateboard look easy; which is ultimately how we all want to skate. When he’s not skating, he’s spinning records and collecting fans at clubs all over the Southeast.
Our man from Japan, Koji Yamamoto is always fun to skate with. He’s always up for skating (when we can get in touch with him). He’s got wicked flip trick skills, a great attitude, and calls me Mr. Dave which is pretty funny. Plus, Koji has the highest flatland ollie I have ever seen. Shinjirarenai yo!
Like a living Iron Maiden album cover, Marty Howell is burly. Just when you thought vert was dead, you see Marty Howell skate and realize you were dead wrong. But Marty’s skills go beyond big transitions. He’s got more creative lines and intuitive tricks up his sleeve than you might first guess. If you’re in the park, watch out for Marty, he can air over you.